In 1938, a 10 years old boy named José Francisco Vaz, left his hometown Aldeia da Ponte, a village close to Sabugal which is one of the county towns in the Guard District, to come to work and live in Lisbon.

Up to the age of 15 he did a little bit of everything, working in a tobacco warehouse located in Belas, This company was, at the time, called "Herdeiros Antonio Duarte Reis,SA".

In 1958, Jose Francisco Vaz became a partner of this company holding 50% of its capital. The company was subsequently renamed Augusto Duarte Reis.

In 1968 the Vaz family becomes the owner of the entire capital of this company.

In 1980 his son Jose Amaro Veloso Vaz undertakes the management of the company.

In 2005, they merge with José Francisco Vaz SA, a company located in Cacém.

Over the years the company has had a steady growth, moved  to bigger and better facilities, and it is currently one of the largest companies in the sector.

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